This just aint right

  1. My point is.....a cloth bag for 300+ dollars!? Not even a little scrap of leather trim!? I say NAY!
  2. Awww, the Miss Marc bags are cute! I think the reason they go for so high is because the character design changes with each season. This particular one is a little too "rough & tough" for me but I can see the appeal overall.

    But you're right, it's crazy to think you could get a really nice leather MbMJ bag for the same cost as the BIN price. I wouldn't pay more than around $100-150 for a Miss Marc bag anyway.
  3. That's the downside of eBay. People can mark up their price like ridiculous!
  4. I think Ms. Marc is cute but I wouldn't pay that much either for a canvas bag. Also, I agree on ridiculous prices on eBay. All the Special Items are being sold at exorbitant prices!
  5. Where did you buy it for $309?? You keep on finding these amazing deals!
  6. I bought this same Miss Marc bag at Bloomies in the Beverly Center a few weeks ago- it was original price $180 and I paid like $120 or so.....
  7. Couldn't agree w/ you more!
    But the scary thing is that there will always be one individual who WILL purchase this at that price. That's why many sellers feel the need to mark up like they do!