This Juicy made me do a Double-Take, lol.

  1. I thought this was an MJ at a glance! lol Silly Juicy, you almost got me.

  2. hahaha that's a crazy looking bag.
  3. hahha...totally understand why you thought it was an mj, with the quilting he has used before too!
  4. Wow it looks so much like the stam. I would have to do a double take as well
  5. double-take from me too!
  6. ditto!
  7. I actually like that :shame:
  8. Is MJ designing for Juicy now? :blink: :P
  9. Me too :lol:
  10. Not bad for Juicy, but I think I'd rather get the Real McCoy, or rather, the real MJ. Just like with the totes that they had a few seasons back that was very Luella themed.