This isn't supposed to be on a speedy! *Pics*

  1. Hey!
    This has been my first purchase since I joined tPF! I got a Monogram Canvas Mini Accessories Pouch. :yahoo: I know that they are supposed to be on a neverfull. I just couldn't help myself! Sorry for the bad lighting in the pics...
    Photo 658.jpg Photo 659.jpg
  2. It doesn't matter where you put them-it looks great!
  3. ahh that is niiiiice!
  4. LOL! I love it.
  5. love the stamp! great idea!
  6. ITA, what ever you like.
  7. Super cute!

  8. It looks cute on the Speedy. Wouldn't it also be interesting if LV made a Speedy with the Trunks & Bags logo on it?
  9. It's cute, doesn't matter what others think, as long as it makes you happy!:tup:
  10. Awww... it looks so cute on the Speedy!
  11. how cute!! love the pouch
  12. It looks awesome on speedy and i agree Speedy with that logo would actually look pretty neat!
  13. haha dont worry! i bought mine to do exactly the same thing on my speedy! it looks way hott!
  14. cute combo!
  15. Congrats!! love the look!!