This is why you never copy a description from anywhere!


Peace Love & Purses
Mar 5, 2010
I was looking at this Rosier, and I scrolled down to read the description and couldn't stop laughing... obviously they copied it from somewhere without reading it first! don't get me wrong. I'm one of the biggest Valentino fans on tPF, but I found this so freakin funny!

So this is what Valentino Garavani‘s been up to since retiring– tending to his rose garden!?!? Either that or Alessandra Facchinetti was inspired by the floats of the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, Califonia (the Rose Queen can carry this while cruising on her float!). I can’t think of any other reasons for a flower tote made of multi-colored taffeta rosettes with burgundy patent trim(Kelly did an entry on this in black but the multi hued version is so pinata-clownish I could not resist!). Shoulder straps with rings. I can’t even look at this thing for too long because it is actually hypnotizing me. Try staring at it yourself, you’ll find yourself in a hypnotic trance over the swirl upon swirl of hideousness. $1,950 at Neiman Marcus but wait, it is on back order (do ya think it sold out at first shipment?) so you won’t be able to witness its loveliness in person.


Dec 28, 2007
Yeah, if you're going to copy from a blog about your bag in order to try and sell it, " a hypnotic trance over the swirl upon swirl of hideousness" is probably not the quote you want to go with, lol.

I guess at least it was cited... :lolots:
Apr 15, 2007
wonder what thoughts might be running through Mr. Valentino's head....

because he may be many things, but SLOB isn't one of them!!! LOL....