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  1. You guys helped me out when I needed to decide on a pochette. And I am deff getting a eva!

    But my poor de speedy just sits pretty and stares at me unloved because I don't have use for such a big bag anymore. She's a size 30

    But I'm not sure if I should let her go.would it be redundant to get another speedy but the bandolieure style in a size 25? I want the same print as all the vachetta on the other styles scare me with a toddler.

    Should I sell or not (not trying to sell on here!) and get the speedy b 25
    Or keep and have 2 similar bags

    Items I carry on a daily are :cles,a mini pochette,small moleskin agenda,pen,sharpie,Chapstick,phone,keys(on my cles)

    thanks in advance lv lovers!
  2. Also! How does azur do in de lining? I want to also get a mini pochette in azur but I'm scared of color transfer
  3. If you want to sell your speedy 30 for a speedy b 25, I think it's worth it :smile:. I love my speedy b. because of the different options available because of the strap. I also have it in the de material and I love that I don't have to worry about color transfer. HTH!
  4. I sold my speedy 30 de for speedy b de 30. Best decision I ever made!
  5. get the speedy B, more versatile - love the fact that it can be hands free
  6. Moving from a Speedy to a Speedy b is a great choice, especially with a toddler! I love my Speedy b's ... even when I carry by hand, I just keep the shoulder strap attached in case I want to switch to shoulder carry. Since you think the 30 is too big, the 25 would probably work well for you ~ especially with the amount of stuff you carry. :smile:
  7. +1
  8. +1 Get rid of that 30 and buy a brand shiny new Speedy B 25! You're going to LVoe it! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for all the responses! I told my husband and he got very mad.he said "that was a gift! You want another bag then just tell me,don't sell one!" Lol this works for me.i guess speedy 30 can be decoration and i can still have a speedy b 25

    He also said "I don't think you can have to many speedys,they are very classy looking"
    I knew I married him for a reason! Lol ;)
  10. Hehe!! Such adorable comments from your hubster! Since he put it that way, go for it!!!
  11. LOL!!! Perfect!!!
  12. I agreed! It is worth to sell a bag that you don't use and buy a bag you love.
  13. If you're not using something, I would advise you to sell it BUT I have a DH who would be sensitive about me selling certain bags so they sit and collect dust most of the time. It's worth it though to not hurt his feelings. If your DH has already gotten upset at the thought of you selling the bag he gave you, just hang on to it. Luckily it's a classic Speedy that will always be in style!

    The Speedy B is a fantastic bag! It sounds like you will like the smaller 25 size. You will find the cross body option so convenient with your toddler.

    Can't wait to see your new bag!