this is why i need to make international friends...

  1. or travel more!!

    Is the grass just greener on the other side or are us U.S.Aers getting jipped??

    I want this!!




    :whistle: anyone want to be my friend?
  2. Yeah, so unfair, they get all the cute stuff! Would love to go shopping in Japan one day... *sigh*
  3. I love love that bracelet. SO CUTE.
  4. Man you're right Luved....I love that Duchessa!!! How come we don't have that here?!? :hysteric:We need to go to Japan!!!
  5. The Japanese get exclusive Japanese-only products from many companies, since I heard they make up 40% (!!!) of the world's luxury market! I also read that in Japan, 94% of people aged 20 - 30 have an LV product!

    Though I did see someone here in HK with that Duchessa. I'm really drooling over the clutch with the bow, especially in gold leather! I heard in Tokyo's Ginza flagship, you can get your bag custom made with different exotics.
  6. I saw that there is a patent duchessa clutch that they don't have in the US... Hmmm.... I might get that.
  7. OMG!!!! So cute!!!!! Why not us?

  8. I want it all!!
  9. Well, they may not be "so" lucky ~ they have to pay WAY MORE for the bags over there.
  10. I was JUST thinking the same thing! So, I am guessing that there is not a process for American customers to order these items. The bag I want is listed on the UK page and I figured that it wouldn't be to hard to get! Well, I guess that's out!
  11. blah i hate it :sad:
  12. Really, though, I want an item from the luggage section on the UK GUCCI site, that is not listed on the American site, Would they really not let me buy it? I think that I am going to contact them anyway. Whatever I find out, I'll create a new thread with the information!
  13. We might get those yummy things, but we don't get an online sale! You win you lose!