This is why I hate EBay!!

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  1. So I Been looking on eBay for a pre loved Delightful MM MIF.
    So one came up today. She said her husband bought it for her in France yada yada.
    She also as a tote up for sale showing the date code. So I asked her if she we the original owner of that one also and she said YES I bought it at Saks.. Ok great!
    WELL when I started looking at her feedback (I also look at what people buy too) she bought both of those bag off eBay!!!
    The tote bag she bought as the SAME date code.. WHAT A BOLD FACE LIER!!!!

    She bought a Delightful MM also off EBay but she is not showing the date code in her auction so can't say for sure if it's the same bag, but she told me she was selling it to get a different style bag.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is please be very careful when buying off eBay.. More people than not lie through their teeth!!

    The first link is the one she selling.
    Second link is the one she bought.

    And remember here is what her email said about this tote bag?.

    "I bought that one at louis vuitton inside saks in pittsburgh. I only used that bag about 10 times when we traveled. if you buy them both I will ship them for free. Kitty"
  2. I understand your frustration and people like this is what gives others a bad name. There are good people such as myself that sell on eBay. You just have to be careful and really investigate. Hope you find your pre-loved delightful MM and have a pleasant experience from start to finish.
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  3. I'm new here, and I've been reading up extensively about LV speedy. I'm so in love with the EPI black speedy 25 and FOUND COUNTLESS of them from Japan. I'm really scared to commit! I've read about the Japanese SUPERFAKES. I have no clue if the one I'm eyeing is a real one though. Looking to be educated.
  4. * ebay sellers from Japan
  5. I thought Japan is known to be the most strict country with fakes - where are you getting this Japanese super fake stuff from? If its from that weirdo who does "authentications" he literally says every vintage bag is fake.
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  6. Just curious, Who are you talking about?
  7. I have caught tPFers in the Balenciaga forum lying about where they bought their bags when selling on ebay, claiming the bags were a boutique purchase when they clearly weren't. Even tPF has liars and bad apples but as VelvetKandy noted, there are also great sellers who are honest about their items.
  8. i am curious about these superfakes? i know in Japan Louis Vuitton is a big thing... I purchased my pre loved saumur from there... sooo now i'm curious?
  9. I bought 3 items preowned LV from Japanese seller via ebay and all genuine and one of it Epi Noir Speedy 25 with pad lock, key and even original dustbag. The ladies at the "authentication forum" are awesome doing their job. To make blanket comment about something base on one story heard from friend's friend's cousin is not fair. It is like telling the ladies at the the authentication forum and my SA at colin st that they are superdumb because can't differentiate between genuine and fake (because I also took the items to LV to 'show and tell' )

    to OP, there are many nice and honest ebay seller too and I am a nice ebay buyer ;)
  10. Personally, no offense to any nice and honest ebayers here, just to be sure, i only make my purchases in LV boutiques. Because of the price i am paying, and to see the actual product personally before making decisions to actually purchase it, the boutique is the only place where i can be assured of the authenticity.
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  11. With all due respect, I am just speaking about myself. I'm not implying that anyone is dumb and nobody isn't doing their job. This is why I signed up, looking to be educated. I've been doing eBay for years and have over a hundred transactions.
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  12. I really don't know. So far, I'm just skimming and reading up all over the Internet and thus decided to just read up here since people are knowledgeable about LVs. I have none to show and authenticate as of yet. I'm looking to do my first purchase! 😊
  13. i also only buy new (after i bought a noe from a consignment store and learned my lesson!!)... never bought on ebay, craigslist etc.... don't trust them and never will!!!
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    I wouldn't judge the eBay community by one stupid seller who doesn't realize that her sales pitch story can be checked... And personally I would never buy high-end bags from someone with less than 99% feedback.. There are plenty of reputable resellers on eBay, bookmark them and stick with those. :smile: However, it's not like she's flipping for profit here or anything... I don't see the big deal. Perhaps she just thought people would assume her bag was fake if she told you she bought it second hand... since it seemed important to you that she was the "original owner".. But yes of course, sellers might say anything to get the sale. I sell all the time, and I am very honest about the origins of my bags with genuinely interested buyers I will certainly tell them if I got it from Yoogi's or Brandoff etc.. . :smile: I personally wouldn't want a buyer anyway, who immediately questions the origins of my bags. All that matters is that my description is accurate, my photos are complete and clear, and the bag is legitimate. To be honest when buyers write me with a first question that is unrelated to the item, like 'why am I selling' or 'where it was purchased' or 'what store it came from' etc.. lol.. I ignore those buyers, sorry to say. I find them not too serious about the item, or not knowledgeable about authentic versus counterfeit. I've run into some buyers who have even accused me of "it must be a fake since you can't provide the receipt" ?? Lol. And that one happened to be purchased right from the boutique but I had other items on the receipt, so I didn't offer it. *sigh* I just don't bother with unrelated questions anymore. It's exhausting and it has not affected my sales. Thankfully. :P

  15. Welcome to TPF! It is VERY RARE to see a fake from Japan on eBay. However all you have to do, is have the item number authenticated here in the authentication thread to get your reassurances.