This is why I am on a ban....PICS!

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  1. Okay, most is not all of you know I am obsessed with pochettes....well, the past two weeks I have been pretty bag. I mean bad-pretty bad! See, that is one of my problems. Pochettes are so pretty and practical for me!

    Pics are not that great as I am not really that good in taking them. DH won't help because he thinks I have a problem.

    :yahoo:Presenting my new suede onatah, my denim pleaty, my panda, fuschia perforated and my cerises(just noticed did not take alone pic)!!!! Last pic is an updated family shot...

    Now, you all must tell me NO, NO MORE least for a little while!
  2. i love your collection!!! u're on a roll!! love your pochette collection!
  3. Wow!!! Great collection :love:
    Have you seen the denim patchwork pouchy yet :graucho:
  4. Now, you all must tell me NO, NO MORE least for a little while!

    Yeah... because there aren't anymore left to buy... :roflmfao:
    I :heart: your collection.... :yes:
  5. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  6. But you don't have purple yet. (You have a fantastic collection.)

    Seriously - Do you also carry a tote with your poochettes? I need a bigger bag to make it through a day. Maybe you don't need to pack for a day. Do you ever carry a larger bag?
  7. Great collection, congrats!
  8. I LOVE POCHETTES TOO! But not as many as you, maybe one day.
  9. Aww.. I love your pochette collection, so cute !
  10. Wow! Your pochettes are AMAZING. Good luck with the ban:ban:
  11. Thanks guys-dawn you made me laugh "Yeah... because there aren't anymore left to buy... :roflmfao:"
    I don't carry much on a typical day and for work I also carry a briefcase/tote. I do own larger bags (speedy, sac d'epaule sp?, etc), but I really love my pochettes!
  12. Congrats on the bags! Love your collection, thanks for sharing. :smile:
  13. That is a great collection of pouchettes you have.:nuts:
    Maybe just one or two more.....:graucho:
  14. Holy cow that is a lot of pochettes! I understand your obsession, they are great little bags and come in so many colors!
  15. Love your pochette collection!

    Okay, no more bags for u for the time being!
    (i reckon that if we go on a purse ban... it'll induce more purchases after the purse ban than if we didnt have a purse ban at all)