this is where my money goes...

  1. collection.JPG

    Top Row:
    Coach Reversable Travel Bag (2007)
    Gucci Medium Horsebit Hobo (2006)
    Gucci Charmy (2007)
    LV epi speedy 25 (2007)

    Bottom Row:
    Coach (Gift - 2006)
    Dior key holder and change purse (2006 -currently used as my camera case)
    Gucci Belt Bag (2005)
    LV Taiga Leather Card Holder (2005)
    Gucci cosmetic case (2007)
    LV damier azur pochette (2006)
    LV damier azur key & change holder (2006)
    LV Taiga Leather Vertical Wallet (2007)

    ... Gucci is my first love, LV is coming into a close 2nd.
  2. Love the guccis and your ivorie speedy
  3. It is money well spent.....on a great collection!!
  4. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  5. Great collection!:woohoo:
  6. Love the horsebit hobo, azurs, and Ivoire Speedy!
  7. well spent,that's for sure!
  8. Congrats :smile:
  9. Dior key holder and change purse

    Too. Cute. I must possess one. :drool:
  10. I'm IN LOVE with your collection, esp. that Dior coin purse!!! I love your Guccis..and the Azurs...oh heck, I love them ALL!
  11. very pretty! I love how non mono your LV collection is. Even though I'm a mono girl, I love to see collections that don't have it, it's funny. The pink trim gucci is so beautiful as well.
  12. love all your items, congrats.
  13. Love everything in your collection! It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing