This is where my money goes into

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  1. - LV Mono :P
    - LV Damier :heart:
    - Gucci :rolleyes:
    - Prada brown and white tote and Fendi Tote ;)
    DSC00891.jpg DSC00899.jpg DSC00904.jpg DSC00908.jpg
  2. Great Collection ; )
  3. nice collection!
  4. nice collection!
  5. thanks! :smile:
  6. Great collection,... I likes alot!!! :graucho:
  7. Great collection :yes:
    I looooove the Chelsea :love:
  8. Nice collection. I like your Prada tote.
  9. Nice bags! :cool:
  10. LOVE IT ALL!!!:heart:
  11. I love it! Great collection, kaka! the scarf on the Speedy 30, where from?
  12. i love ur collection...
    thanx for sharing:smile:
  13. Beautiful collection:yes: :heart:
  14. Very nice collection ... I like that you tie scarves on your LV's, it gives it a personal touch.
  15. i looooooooooove your chelsea. someday i shall have it too!