this is where i've been *lots of eye candy!*

  1. wow i haven't been actively on TPF because i've been so busy at work! my SAs are sending these items to me this week! sooooo excited! when i saw the picture of the pink flap i nearly passed out, then i saw the yellow and i REALLY passed out. 1 day later another lovely SA of mine calls telling me my necklaces are in! one of them is my best friend's, not sure which one will be hers or mine b/c she's abroad but i love them both anyway so it doesn't matter!
    IMG_0882.jpg IMG_0883.jpg MVC-016S.JPG MVC-020S.JPG
  2. [​IMG]

    *keels over*

    Oh. my. gosh. It is lovely, congrats on all of your purchases, fashion!

    How does the distressed lambskin on the yellow feel, is it different from the regular lambskin?
  3. That yellow is such a nice, warm color. Congrats!
  4. Congrats! Those bags are gorgeous!
  5. spirals thanks! i have no idea, i'm waiting for it to arrive this week. i'll definitely post!
  6. The colours are fabulous!
  7. gorgeous! love that yellow!
  8. Wow -- that yellow is unbelievable!!! Thanks for the pics!!
  9. Love the first necklace!!
  10. Can't wait! :love: Minal should see this, I think she is looking for a bright yellow flap and this one is TDF!

    How much was it, btw? It is making me swoon.
  11. The yellow is FAB! Where did you get it Fashionispoison? Are there more?? Geez, I will never stop falling for all these bags! :upsidedown:
  12. Btw, are they both medium lambskin?
  13. Beautiful, cannot wait for your modeling pics!!!
  14. omg L!!! I loveeeeeee everything, especially the yellow flap!!!! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeousss
  15. Congrats! I love the color on both flaps. Is this part of the Spring 08 release?