this is where i lived in the Philippines

  1. hey guys! just wanna share where i lived in the philippines, it's called eastwood city, a city within a city! enjoy! :tup: it has a cinema, ibm and dell towers, citibank, and more buildings that i can't remember, a lot of high-rise condos (around 6 or 9 i think) malls and nightclubs. it is located in Quezon City, Manila
    890625-Libis-Manila.jpg 33512934.eastwood2.jpg 35672450.eastwood3.jpg 359450610_0a9376ee8a.jpg citywalk_01.jpg
  2. hey angelthelson, WOW it looks really nice! thanks for sharing?

    how do you like being here, you adjusting well?
  3. i like being here a lot and i've adjusted really well :heart::tup: thanks so much!! it is really nice :heart:
  4. Haven't been there since, has it changed!!!!!
  5. travelbliss, it has changed A LOT!! i hope you can go and visit sometime!! you'll be surprised!! =)
  6. Looks like a vibrant city.
  7. I love the Philippines! One of my favorite places to visit...I hope you are adjusting well.
  8. It looks beautiful. I like the buildings.
  9. As long as it had an LV hermes NM and chanel and a strabucks i'de be set. I loved the phillipines. Don't remeber that much b/c i was only 12 but my parents have funny vdoes of me and my younger sister on the beaches. We got soooo sunburnt.
  10. Wow I haven't been to Manila since I was 10 (I'm 18 now, so wow it's been a while!!! I wanna check that place out when I go back this Christmas.
  11. It looks lovely! Pretty, warm and happy!
  12. hi twinkle.tink.. i have adjusted really well here, although i miss it a lot :crybaby:
  13. wow!! you'll be surprised!! check it out!! it's in quezon city. try also greenbelt in ayala, makati and The Fort, it is also a city within a city a lot of restos and nightclubs also coffee shops. it's really different now
  14. hahahaha! we have LV but no NM, hermes and chanel yet... but starbucks, there's a lot all over!!
  15. thanks so much everyone for the great comments.. i miss it a lot... everytime i wanted to have a coffee, watch a movie or just shop, i'll ljust go down from my condo and walk...