This is where all my money has gone to...

  1. This is how many I have left:

    I still have a multiple lying around the house somewhere.

    But I've already sold:
    Dior Girly Boston
    Dior Girly Pochette
    LV Agenda de Poche - mono
    LV Pocket Agenda - Damier
    LV Josephine + Strap - Blue
    LV Mini Pochette
    LV Bucket bag - mono
    LV Accessories Pochette - Mono
  2. Lovely collection...especially the little chanel! May I ask how much did it cost, I'm picking out my own mother's day gift.
  3. i like ur lilttle chanel cc holder! ihave it in pink! and your reade in perle is magnifique!
  4. lovely collection! Thanks for sharing
  5. Chanel cc was... I think $230+tax, after the SA told me the price I just jumped at it. I'm saving up for the tiny tote bag.
  6. hooray!! to the MC cles and chanel!!!:amuse:
    nice collection!
  7. Love the MC cles, it's beautiful! =)
  8. that's great, thanks for posting it! love the MC Cles & CHanel
  9. Love your collection!!! Especially the Perle Reade!!!!!
  10. thanks evolkatie. I wish the chanel website would work on my computer but for some reason it doesn't. I'll have to go to the boutique this weekend.
  11. Perle is my favorite color right now. Lovely collection.
  12. Oh my! What a great variety of brands!!! LOVELY collection!!!
  13. Great collection!:biggrin:
  14. You must have something for every occasion! I have the same Kate Spade messenger =)
  15. Nice collection! Love the chanel.:love: