This is what Off the 5th and LC at Woodbury Commons had yesterday

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  1. I went up to Woodbury yesterday with my mother to do a little shopping and while I was in the NM LC and Off the 5th I saw a couple of MJ bags (sadly nothing in a color I wanted) so I wrote them down in case anyone is interested and wants to call and see if they will ship to you.

    NM Last Call:

    Sophia in Spearmint - $626
    Small Multipocket in Fuschia - $610
    Guineviere in Petunia (I couldn't find a price tag on it)
    Cammie in Gold (looked great) - $452
    Selma in Passion - $659

    There was only one of each in those bags there. They had a couple of those round coin purses in Ferrari Red and Indigo.

    Off the 5th:

    The only problem with this one was that there were no MJ name and color tags on the bag, so I had to go by the other tag that was on them for the color.

    Selma in Taupe (there were a few of these) - $610
    Sophia in Butterscotch (that's what the tag said, but the color was yellow) - $529
    Cammie in Antique White - $439
    Adina in True Red - $859
    Turnlock in Antique White ( I think this one was a little dirty so that's why it is probably so cheap) - $294
    Large Selma (is there such a bag?) in Lavender - $799
  2. If that small MP were a large instead, I would be jumping up and down.

    Yes, there is a large Selma in lavender (I have it). MJ in NY was selling them for $190 last month.

    Did you happen to see any zip clutches?
  3. I want the small MP in Fuchsia and the Indigo coin purse!!! I can’t phone order though NM LC though because I use Visa & MasterCard, so I write a check. If I had a NM charge and AMEX it would be baaaaaaad news. I am so tempted though.

    Thanks for the stock update. You saw some great bags!

    Has your MP arrived yet? :smile:
  4. Butterscotch's the official color name for that 'yellow'. =) It's one of the colors made for Sofia LE (with brass buckle hardware).

    Large Selma was one of the 3 sale bags (along with Selma & Tote) at MJ boutiques in NY & SF; the sale colors were Lavendar, Taupe, and Teal.

    Thanks for sharing. =)
  5. Hey I was there yesterday too!!!! LOL

    Probably passed yoU! We should have an identifying pin or something! LOL
  6. Sadly no and that's really what I was looking for. I am beginning to think I will need to order a zip clutch online or through an MJ boutique, but $190!?!?! That's crazy. I should have been paying more attention to the sales lol.

    According to FedEx my bag is supposed to be delivered on Thursday.

    Ah okay. I saw a photo of a Sophia that was apparently Butterscotch, but it looked nothing like what I saw yesterday. Guess it was bad lighting.

    I love the Selma bag, but I think the large one is too bag. Teal sounds interesting though.
  7. That's funny!! I think we there for just over 5 hours. My feet were killing me by the time I got into the car.
  8. ^ OMG That would be a scream!! Ha-ha!! What a conversation piece!!! All my friends laugh at me though about being a bag addict & being a member of a purse blog lol!!! It's all in fun...If the pins were cool I'd wear it on my coat though..If they were really cool (Emmy likes sparkle!) I'd wear it on my shirt lapel...Def an advertisement...Maybe Megs & Vlad will see this and desing a cool one?!?!

    ^Thanx for the posts re bags @ the outlets....Waaahhh..Nothing on my list (damn!!) Actually that's good...!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. Man, I'd love a Sophia but they're way too much money even on sale at this point in my life. Haha, too bad there weren't any zip clutches! MJ_BostonGirl, we'll have them someday!
  10. Thanks for reporting! I was at my off 5fth in Camarillo, and they had a similar selection of Selmas, Adina in true red, and a similar satchel in black. Nothing too exciting. Too bad, because they had their 30% off coupon expiring yesterday.
  11. Do those stores even get zip clutchs. That is going to be my next purchase.

    thithi do you remember what color the Selma's were? I like that style, but not in the colors I've seen so far.
  12. What does an Adina look like?
  13. I think they had lavender, teal, passionfruit pink from what I remember.. not sure if they had taupe. You could always call and ask them. Wish I paid more attention! They had a whole display of Selmas, at least 6-8 of them.
  14. This is an Adina.

  15. The Adina looked like this:

    And was in this color:

    They had the above satchel style in black.

    I played around with the adina, I have to say, and it was sort of annoying opening up the flap, because it's not a fully connected piece. The middle straps in not attached to the wider flap, so you have to physically lift both to open the bag.