This is what I'm going to look at when I go to the LV store.......

  1. Ok thanks to those of you for your input on what I should get from the poll I listed. Alot of you are definate Speedy fans!! Some of you said to look around instead of being stuck on the 4 items I listed. So I did some searching on the LV site and made a list of stuff I want to see in person instead of just online pics. If any of you own them, please put in your two cents and tell me if you love or hate them.

    Also I am SUPER ANAL about having to have a matching wallet for my purses.......I have the mono french purse wallet, would that look dumb if I used it with the Damier print??

    Oh and I for sure will go on a weekday, have to leave the kiddies at home! I actually don't need to HOLD all these items, just see them in person, so they can be on the shelves or cases. I want to be fully informed as this is a big purchase for me. I don't want any regrets or buyer's remorse!! (DH calls me the "return queen" cuz I can never make up my mind)

    Thanks!! :smile:

    Monogram print:
    1. $615 Papillon 26
    2. $595 Speedy 25
    3. $285 Pochette Accessoires
    4. $720 Petit Noe
    5. $815 Batignolles Vertical
    6. $860 Popincourt Haute
    7. $750 Popincourt
    8. $875 Looping MM
    9. $500 Recital
    10. $275 Wapity Case
    11. $210 Multicles Rabat
    12. $??? Sonatine

    Damier print:
    13. $570 Illovo PM
    14. $660 Illovo MM
    15. $365 Navona
    16. $840 Ribiera Mini (does this come in the mono print??)
    17. $615 Papillon 26
    18. $595 Speedy 25

    Perfo print:
    19. $215 Pochette Cles (not green)
    20. $??? Pochette Accessoires (not green)

    Vernis print:
    21. $350 Heart Purse
    22. $390 Flat Pouch
  2. Wow, that's quite a list...besure to go on a weekday ;)
  3. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. The Ribiera Mini does not come in mono, I remember seeing a PFer had to special order it.
  5. Vernis print:
    21. $350 Heart Purse
    22. $390 Flat Pouch

    Definitely go on a weekday since your list is so extensive.
  6. how to you go about doing that, do you have to pay extra??
  7. haha. ive never looked at that many bags at one time before!
  8. You have to put in a request at the store and they will get in touch with the factory to see if it can be done. It is usually about a 30-35% markup from regular price.
  9. would they do discontinued items like the ceris/cherry speedy 25 or pochette (with matching cles)?? Man I would LOVE to get my hands on one of those, even though I'm not a big fan of the speedy bag!!
  10. Nope. LV will not SO something from a discontinued line. :sad:
  11. it's a long list to check out, make sure to find a friendly SA to work w/! So it's safe to say we can expect some goodie pix soon? ^_<
  12. I actually don't have a personal SA, how do you go about getting one. Everytime I am in the store no one really seems like they are that into helping people. Do they get commission??
  13. I don't think the Heart purse (coin?) & flat pouch (envelope?) are available yet.
  14. its a long lists.....@@
  15. Have fun!

    My Mom and I usually go in with our lists. Our SA loves it!