This is what I want- A true hot pink

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  1. When oh when will this come???

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  2. It's lovely...i love the hot pink and I saw this on ebay....hehe
  3. yes only if it was in pristine condition, wud have snagged his beauty
  4. didn't notice the condition actually, was admiring the color...LOLL
  5. Aww, I hope you find one!! :flowers: This was my dream bag, and I was lucky enough to find the last one (medium caviar flap) in the company at NM (although another popped up a few weeks later... this was two years ago). :nuts: It's from 2005... one of the best years colorwise for Chanel IMHO (violet, '05 red, hot pink)! :girlsigh: :love:
  6. this color is so freakin gorgeous - wish I could get my hands on a medium flap!
  7. Oops haha, the violet is from '06... anyway, '05 and '06 were two of Chanels best color years IMO! :P
  8. I'm not a "pink girl" BUT this shade of pink has always been up there on my list:love:, is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^Minal is right 05 & 06 best years of colors and style of bags:drool:
  9. Isin't that the same bag on right now for $3500?
  10. WOW!! What a color...I need really pops!:supacool:
  11. yea a gorgeous pink!!! :drool:
  12. ITA. the OP should check out this bag on Bonanzle right now.
  13. That IS hot! I would love that color also.

  14. It is the same seller on ebay and Bonanzle...a TPF member.
    It was on ebay a month or two ago at at the same $3500 price point. Then on Bonanzle and now back on ebay also. I inquired about it also a while back but was also looking for a lower price for the condition.
  15. bubble gum pink?

    OOo~ one of my fav too.

    If ebay has quite good price and great condition, I think I will go for it. But US$3500 is kinda >_<