This is what I got from this winter sale

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  1. My BF bought this wallet on chain for me from the latest Chanel sale. I think it's beautiful but may not practically for everyday use. I always carry medium to big bag and am also a big fan of tote style. Normal Flap bag couldn't hold all of my stuffs :girlsigh:. I have no chance to use it yet. Anyway, couldn't refuse this bag is a beauty.

    What do you think of this bag? :flowers:

  2. I think it is utterly gorgeous. It would be totally impractical for me as well, since I'm a big bag user too. But I love white and that is TDF.
  3. That is very pretty! Congrats! You have a super BF! You can use it for nights out instead of every day use.
  4. Very pretty! I love it!
  5. Love!
  6. Awwww your boyfriend is so generous :biggrin: It's very cute and I'm sure something will come up that you'll have a reason to use it!
  7. It is lovely! i want one!!

    Does anyone know the price?
  8. Definitely a keeper, the boyfriend and the bag! ;)
  9. Its definatley different, I love it in the white, not sure I'd like it in any other color, but in the white, it looks great. I'd definately keep her.
  10. Oh I love that bag/wallet. Is that a GOLD chain or silver? (Looks gold in the photo).
    I don't understand why it would be on sale. Where did you get it, if you don't mind my asking.
  11. it's a very classy little bag ~ i :love: it!
  12. It's the black silver (the titanium color I guess)

    He got it from Harrods :yes:. I saw it but I passed as it is so small but he got back to buy it for me as he told me it was so bargain and this shouldn't be on sale :lol:
  13. My BF couldn't remember the price exactly but it's something 400 GBP + a little more. :rolleyes: after 30% off.

    Vicky :flowers:
  14. aww its so cute, and hey, even if you dont use it, its so gorgeous just to look at the entire time hee hee!

    congratulations :biggrin:
  15. Very nice!!!

    Granted the wallet on a chain isn't an every day piece; however, I've taken mine on shopping excusions. It's easy on the shoulder!! Going to a movie or out to dinner, it's perfect. There are times when you don't want to carry the kitchen sink. It's definitely a keeper.