This is what I ditched Nimbus PM for--soon to be my very first Suhali piece!!

  1. So from my posts and questions I'm sure many of you get the idea that I was no longer very sure about getting the Nimbus PM...I expected a larger bag but after being told what it fits I was quite disappointed. I guess even if it still fits my essentials, I still couldn't justify spending $2000 for a bag like I called and took my name off the waiting list for the two stores out of my city, and I have kept my name on the waiting list at my local store but I probably will either take my name off that list also or just pass on it after taking a look at it.

    How would I spend the $2000 that I've put aside for the Nimbus PM??

    Tomorrow I am going to LV to look at some bags and will add a bag to my PSN order. I have the black MC Aurelia MM on hold for me and if I like the colour combo that will be the one to add. Otherwise, I may get the MC Trouville, or some other bag that catches my eye.

    I've also been eyeing this auction for the plum Suhali Le Talentueux from a MyPoupette seller :nuts: It's in like-new condition, and the seller offers a 90-day layaway plan for expensive items. We finally worked out the final price to be $250 less than the BIN price and I'm waiting for the invoice for my down-payment!!! :yahoo:

    I know this bag isn't bigger than the Nimbus PM at ALL, but plum is discontinued AND it's a Suhali bag...I think this colour will actually be very versatile. Also, it's just sooo classy and pretty, and I don't see many plum Le Tals floating around for that price.

    So here are some pics from the auction...I've asked the seller for more pics but this is all I have for now.

    I probably won't be getting the bag any time soon, since I did go for the 90-day layaway and will take my time. I'm aiming to get this in November when my parents are out of town for a bit (so that they don't see that I'm receiving an expensive package and the amount of customs I'll have to pay!!!). But it'll keep me busy for awhile!!



    150f_1.jpg 1610_1.jpg 166e_1.jpg
  2. Congrats Karman! Great choice. The Plum Le Tal is MAJOR!
  3. It's a beautiful bag Karman. The color is just stunning. I personally think Suhali is so elegant. Congrats.
  4. Congrats!!! :heart: I love the Le Tal and prefer it over the Nimbus bags myself. It actually fits quite a lot!
  5. gorgeous!! love the color
    lucky you~ congrats!!
  6. Fabulous Karmen, Great Choice. You Make Still Like The Perlse Nimbus Though, Lol.
  7. Absolutely breathtaking, Karman!! It is such a gorgeous Suhali bag! I'm so happy for you! You'll really have fun at PSN when you get to figure out what MC piece that is really calling out your name loud and clear!!

    Good idea on waiting till November when your parents are out of town. Don't want to ruin your LV experience with a lecture. lol Congratulations!!!
  8. Oh well, then I'll have to learn that a girl can't always get what she likes the hard way! ;)
  9. i think you made the right choice Karman :tup: congrats!
  10. Very nice
  11. You lucky gal....
  12. Congrats Karman!!! Love the Le Tal!! :heart:
    and Good luck for the wisdom teeth surgery ;)
  13. Nice, congrats!
  14. Congrats Karman, love the Le Tal in Plum. It's one of my faves :smile:
  15. fabulous bag