this is what i decided on!

  1. after much searching (and invaluable opinions from fellow pf'ers) i made a decision and got this bag! it is G O R G E O U S and the pictures don't do it any justice! it is so lightweight and just looks amazing!!! thanks for all the help!!!

    Longchamp Rodeo Luxe
  2. Beautiful. I love purple.
  3. i love it! this is a fabulous color! really liking the longchamp bags in leather these days! ... incl the one 'designed by' kate moss.
  4. The color is stunning! It'll really add that "WOW" factor to an outfit. Great choice!
  5. Gorgeous bag.:tup: That purple is striking.
  6. This is a gorgeous bag!
    I have been eyeing on this one since it first came out in the black pebble grain leather -
    be sure to give us feedback as to your thoughts on using it~!


  7. Love that purple!
  8. Very nice choice! Color is great!
  9. Great bag, just saw it in Vogue! I am thinking of the Legende right now in black patent!
  10. Love your Longchamp!!!
  11. So pretty! Gorgeous color!
  12. thanks for all the great feedback!
  13. ooh very nice! i love patent leather and that purple is such a nice bright color. good decision :smile:
  14. WOW! That color!! And not that bad in price either. Congrats!!!
  15. Amazing color!!:tup: Will you post pics?