This is what I decided on..... I THINK!! HELP!

  1. Okay instead of the Large black hobo I am going to be daring and get the pear. My birthstone is green and since its a b-day present........

    Anyways this is what I am getting... IN PEAR!

    What wallet should I get? All my stuff usually fits into a mini skinny etc, so I like small!! And please recommend any accessories!!!!! And in Pear, black or white??

  2. OMG... that is SOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: You should get the Scribble Ponytail scarf to tie on it, too!
    On the wallet/mini skinny...depends on what all you want to carry in it. I like the mini skinny, but if you want to use it for ALL THE TIME for ALL of your wallet stuff, then get the wallet. Or....GET BOTH!!! :yes: Definitely get the PEAR to match - that color will go with lots of other stuff, too!!
  3. love the pear color. i have the soho small flap in it and i don't even like green!

    ps: my birthstone is green too (peridot) ;)
  4. Love it!
  5. That bag is beautiful in the pear color perfect for spring/summer.
    I would go with the mini skinny it's a good price.
    As for accesorries how about this
  6. Love the color! I think the leather multi-function wallet in either pear or white would go good with it :smile:
  7. I love the hobo in pear. I am still on the fence about the multi-function or the mini skinny. If you could, I would get both and use each when you have more stuff or less stuff. Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
  8. Wow, that bag will look so great for spring and summer. It'll be such a nice change from the standard browns and blacks. Please post pics when you get it!

    As for accessories, I totally agree with whomever it was that posted to get the scribble ponytail scarf. It would look great with it. :smile: And if you can afford it, I would go for the actual wallet instead of the mini-skinny. Maybe get white as the color? That way it will go with pretty much any other bag you'd put it in. (Although really, I don't match my wallet to my bag, I just keep the same black signature one all the time. *L*)
  9. I LOVE the pear!! I don't change wallets the way I change handbags. It's just too much trouble to move everything! LOL I love the pear wallet too.
  10. THanks everyone. Right now all of my stuff is in a tobacco mini skinny and wristlet, but I have used the multi function wallet and wristlet too. Both fits my stuff just fine. I was just wondering if the mini will get lost in the bag since I am getting the large hobo. I am scarred of the white being that I have 2 kids 5 and 2.
  11. SO pretty!
    I would choose the Multi Function wallet (2nd one)!
  12. I say get both!!! Probably not the answer you wanted, but I would do the wallet in the pear leather and the skinny in the pear signature....that way it's a little bit of white in there to mix things up. But if you can only get one, I say go for the wallet.
  13. I'd like to change my earlier vote for the scribble ponytail scarf, to the watercolor ponytail scarf instead. I was just looking at my watercolor oblong and it has some green in it, so I vote that one instead! :smile:
  14. I vote for getting the white multifunction wallet so you can use it with pretty much any bag. I have the larger Soho wallet (french purse, i think?) and I love it!
  15. I vote for white multifunction or mini skinny also. That way you have something to go with all your summery type bags. VERY cute bag!!