This is what happens when your wallet needs to be repaired...

  1. The mono wallet my hubby got me for xmas had issues with its glazing. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be without it for a month sooooo.....(and shhhh...hubby doesn't will I hide this beauty?)
    new lv box.jpg
  2. awww come on and show us!
  3. My daughter's poodle and hello kitty collection presents my new Pomme French Purse! It took me an hour, a lot of looks at EVERY wallet in the boutique (mono, azue, damier, vernis, denim, epi) and a contemplatory walk around the mall to choose her!
    pomme french purse.jpg
  4. LOVE it!!! It'll look great with all your purses!!
  5. And here's my pomme treo!

    Pomme Cles
    Pomme French Purse
    Pomme 4 Key Holder
    french purse close up.jpg pomme trio.jpg
  6. it looks great! im glad you didnt keep us waiting for a really long time!
  7. I got her to keep Sophie company...and hopefully Sophie's checkerboard sister someday....
    sophie 1.jpg sophie 2.jpg
  8. Pomme is so striking! MMMMM Tatttyyy!
  9. love the pommes! did you decide on keeping it?
  10. drools, very nice :smile: congrat's.
  11. Thanks everyone.....

    AKI--I don't think I can take her back! She's toooo pretty! Don't know when her debut will be though. I think all three would look so HOT in a Black MC Audra!!!!!
  12. LOL that's why you need to get the mc audra already!! so obsessed lol.
  13. I NEED the Audra and the Roxburry! AAAARgh!!!!
  14. How hot is that?? You are gonna be one FLY momma with your Damier Sophie and your Pomme French Purse :supacool:

    I love that hello kitty doll too!!

    CONGRATS! :yahoo: :party:
  15. Congrats! Love Pomme.