This is what happens when you spend too much time on the Hermes finds thread

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  1. Two packages arrived today....


  2. congratulations, can't wait to see.
  3. :woot:
  4. HAHA, Well done!! :tup:
  5. :dothewave: wanna see :dothewave:
  6. Let's start with the small one

  7. Ooh I cant wait to see. That tread is DANGEROUS I tell you
  8. :yahoo::popcorn::happydance:Bring it on!!!
  9. What could this be?

  10. Evelyne??
  11. Openopenopenopenopen
  12. :thinking:
  13. Coming.....

  14. And here she is! Evelyne 2 PM in toile and natural Barenia. My first Evelyne!

  15. And this is the small!! Gorgeous evelyne and in a timeless combo. Congrats