this is what fits inside my twin pm

  1. hi ladies and gents,

    some of you have pm'ed me and asked me what fits inside the twin I thought I'd share it with all of you. :flowers: Keep in mind that the twin pm is very small and it can be used in several ways with the strap, so if you need somthing bigger try going for the twin gm or a pochette. ;) I however, love the petite size because I can put in just the essentials, which is perfect when I want to carry next to nothing and be hands free. :wlae: You can definitely fit and a cles, a flip phone, lip gloss and then some. I use the cles to hold my cards, cash and keys. although my "cles" is actually gucci and not LV, they are the same size right?? anyways, I hope this helps some and thanks for looking!:yes:

  2. Thanks for the pics. You should post that in Visual Aids too.
  3. what a cute looking one!
  4. thanks, thats really cute, just a nice size.
  5. thanks for sharing! i think something of that size would be perfect for my sister, since she doesn't carry much... something i should consider as a gift for her.
  6. That's a really cute clutch!!! I wanted to get that before but I got the marelle instead...the buckles are a pain in that one though! Maybe I should reconsider...
  7. thanx for the that's tiny..
  8. You make me wanna get a Twin pm... and the Gucci cles is so cute. Thanks for the pix.
  9. Nice pics!

    You can actually fit a TON more into the twin pm without it bulging.

    I can fit a compact, a pen, 2 lipsticks/glosses, a digicam, cell phone, and a cles, and depending how full I stuff a Coach wristlet, I can fit that in there too!
  10. no problem, it would be a great gift and it's not as pricey as the other clutches. I think you get the most for your money with this one because you can carry in three ways!:yahoo:
  11. thank you! I wanted the marelle too!...I thought the buckles were very cute..but I didn't think they would be a's still cute thought!
  12. that's a ton!!!

  13. Wow..really????
  14. YUP REALLY! Well, not the cles AND the coach wristlet at the same time. One or the other.

    and I guess to put it in proper reference.. the digicam is a Canon SD300 (so relatively small) and the compact is from Dior (so smaller than say a MAC also, b/c it's rectangular it fits in better)

    It's just a matter of strategic placement.. :yes:
  15. thanks for posting this! the pictures really help!