This is what $25.00 S&H pays for? *pics*

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  1. Mind you, the bag that the seller shipped me was $825, so it isn't like she's shipping me a t shirt or something.

    Shipping shows $10.30 on the box and I generally don't mind paying a few bucks over actual shipping to cover for the cost of the box & packing material.......and heck, even helping out the seller w/ those crazy eBay fees, but $15 over what she paid & I got some beat up, tore up, 1 strip of tape on the top, no packing on the inside box?!??!!!





  2. Was there any insurance? Sometimes insurance can be really expensive, especially if you're shipping something with a high value. Either way, she could've wrapped it better.
  3. She should have put packing on the inside of the box...but to be fair, I used to work at a post office and I've seen the horrible ways that some workers treat those boxes...they can be kicked around, put under really heavy things, thrown, etc. So the box may have left her hands in good condition....
  4. That is unacceptable IMO!!! Shipping from Sweden is very expencive but I always take great care packing the item using protective tape and overly securing the box...taping corners etc. This is outrageous for $25! Bad packaging big time!

  5. Yes, the insurance is included in the $10.30 she paid for shipping. :sad:
  6. ^^Wow, that's lame; it looks like she undervalued the price of your bag! Normally an expensive purse costs about $15-$25 to ship, depending on the size and value.

    You're not the only one who has been ripped off from shipping...I've had that happen on several occasions....:cursing: Not with purses, thankfully.
  7. Wow - that's certainly annoying for sure!
  8. I have posted quite a few of these including one where the seller FOLDED my leather purse in QUARTERS to make it fit in a box.

    I am so sorry!
  9. i would ask the seller (calmly, politely) to refund part of the shipping cost. i dislike when sellers charge nearly double what i pay for shipping then on top of it, don't package the item well. was the item affected at all (if not, you will have a harder time getting $$ back)? i recently received an item that came horribly wrinkled because it was packaged poorly and luckily the seller is honest and nice and agreed to refund the cost of shipping.
  10. no, that wouldn't bother me at all, although thats not my way of packing.....
    was it from within the USA?
    as long as the bag is in good shape, I'd be happy........
    I have received bags just in the box like that.....
  11. Yes, I agree with long as the bag is okay...I have shipped some bags in *tight* quarters, but I do try to refund if shipping is waaay over what I estimated...
  12. I do think the packing is a bit lame, but as far as the shipping costs? Here is the break down and I do it all the time: the package of flat rate priority or regular priority if you can't fit it in the flat rate box : circa $10.00 for Priority (more if it weighs more)
    Insurance ($10.00-13.00 for $1000+) coverage, then 2.65 for signature confirmation. So when any one says I am overcharging them when I charge $20.00 for shipping (you can't just go by the amt that is stuck on the pkg), I usually have ended up eating part of the postage. You may have a legit beef here with your seller, but I always insure and pack well and $20 does not usually cover sending a high end bag!!!
  13. I would be thankful it arrived safely if it was shipped USPS! They're the worst! I ALWAYS ship FedEx for that reason. Have you ever tried to get a refund on shipping USPS? (if something was damaged) good luck!
  14. sorry you feel like you got ripped off by the shipping, but it sounds about normal regardless of what you bought.
    i don't think it's the sellers fault the box was damaged, altho she could have used more tape overall, altho not a lot of sellers tape down the corners. and from the picture you posted, she did wrap it nicely - i've had bags arrive just in the dustbag, with no wrapping or protective paper of any sort.

    and the price on the sticker is not the price the seller paid for the total shipping. like mmsc said, it doesn't show the price for insurance or delivery confirmation. that price is just how much to deliver it is, whether it was sent via priority or express.

    as a seller, i usually throw in shipping for free as an incentive for buyers, but i've eaten shipping costs to international buyers up to $50 before.

    if your bag arrived on time and undamaged, i would be happy. JMHO.:smile:
  15. :tdown: