This is weird........

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  1. Has this ever happened to anyone? :confused1:I really don't want to lose this package -.-

    I bought something about a week ago on eBay, and I send it to my work (If you guys read my last thread, things always seems to go wrong when I send it to my work (but last time, I received it eventually yay!:yahoo:))...

    And I asked for Delivery confirmation and insurance(Thank God!!). On the tracking, it says it's delivered... but my coworker said she didn't see anything. I'm pretty sure the seller sent it to the right address, I've reminded her enough times before she sent out the item.
    "Your item was delivered at 11:33 AM on January 7, 2008 in SAN JOSE, CA 95134."

    Is there a chance where it could just pop up in the mail tomorrow?:shrugs: Even if USPS said it was delivered today??

    And if they accidentally sent it to another building, could USPS get me that package back? Or would I have to have the seller file for the insurance claim?:push:

    TIA for the answers! :heart::yes::heart:
  2. I've contacted the seller to ask if she can ask USPS what was the exact address they delivered it to. I'll keep posting what she said and finds out.
  3. No one knows anything? =[
  4. This happend to me once time, apparently they scanned it by mistake as delivered when a notice was left. Wait until tomorrow and then file the claim. Hope everything works out for you.
  5. Ok.. I don't know why they would leave a notice at my work though, but hopefully I get it tomorrow! THanks!:heart:
  6. Let us know. It does sound like it as delivered... but not to you, doesn't it?:confused1:
  7. Yeahh :s

    The seller isn't emailing me back either, so I don't know what was the address she send it to.
    Also IDK what to do from here if USPS didn't deliver it to me. :confused1:

    I'm still trying to wait it out, and see if there is any mail for me today.
  8. I'm in the same pickle as you... let me know how your situation went!
  9. Have you asked around your office or nearby ones? I just posted in another thread that this happened to me with a package which was mistakenly delivered to a neighbor. I started ringing doorbells and finally found my package which a neighbor a few doors away had signed for not realizing it was for him.
  10. Is this not the first time something has gone missing when it should have been delievered to your work? If that's the case I'd wonder if one of my colleagues had sticky fingers......