this is weird, please help me!!

  1. i just had my period last dec.20-24 then after a week, i am having another one!! this time, it started january 3 till now and it's not as heavy as my normal period. i only wear liners and it's not really red, red but mix of red and brown. it's weird. i never had this before... any opinions would help... TIA!!:yes::confused1:
  2. Go see your Gyn doctor
  3. it's probably leftover. The brown is a sign that it's old blood. It's pretty common at the end of a period, but 1 week might be a bit long. It would be good to talk about it with someone.
  4. Is there any way you could be pregnant? It might be implantation bleeding.
    Other than that, its not normal IMO. I will sometimes bleed a little "leftover" blood a couple days after, but never a week after, that seems a bit too long.
  5. Are you on any birth control? The only time this ever happened to me was when I was pregnant and it happened both times. Is there any chance of that?
  6. traci im not on bc but we use condoms. i still have a li'l discharge last dec26th when we "do the deed" and 27th. on the 27th i'm clear of everything lol!! and we didn't use any condoms coz we've been doing it ever since (after my whole period is over and the brown thingy too so we know it's still safe) and he never comes inside, coz we still don't want to have a baby (plus we're being on the safe side too) we only do this after having my period, but otherwise, we use condoms.
  7. it sounds like leftover to me...but it's been more than a week right???
    so yea....i would call a doctor.:yes:
  8. Uh, your birth control method is not 100% effective little one. I know because I did that too, and now she's almost 35 years old.

    ALWAYS use a condom if you are not on BC.
  9. ^ Yeah, my 4 month old is proof on that one too! The other night my husband said it was pretty effective BC...I wanted to smack him! I love my daughter more than anything in the world, but she was definitely the unplanned result of similar bc choices.

  10. Yup. There is a bunch of viable (alive) sperms in pre-semen, the liquid that expells from the penis to help lubricate the vagina. Not to mention men sometimes don't have the BEST timing, ya'know?

    The "withdrawal method" was really popular in the 70's. I betcha half the 35+ year olds are "withdrawal" babies. ;)

    ETA: Also, sperm can live up to 72 hours in the cervix if conditions are right.
  11. Maybe you could be spotting. I spot a week after every period. It ranges from a few drops to a light period. It also lasts from about 4 days to about a week. I went to the gyno twice before to inquire about this thinking there was something wrong with me, and she said that it is more common than we think. She gave me a name for it, and it starts with an 'M' but I can't remember exactly how it's pronounced.