This is weird, anybody seen something this?

  1. I mean I WOULD LOVE a sofa in EPI leather haha, but I mean COULD this be authentic material being used? It seem's like a fairly exclusive and presitgious designer of furniture based on the website, why would they do anything fake? If this has been posted before I'm sorry, I did a search and nothing came up so I figured someone might know something about it.
  2. id say its definitely fake. i doubt LV would even consider doing S/O furniture.
  3. I noticed the ad yesterday... who would want such a thing?
  4. Yeah I've checked out the site too, I like the Versace one's but I don't know if they are real or not you can buy Versace Fabric panels (from the Versace store) to make things with so these could in theory be authentic but I can't see anything on the site explaining them.

    The Lv one I don't know I don't think you can get the fabric and LV are keep things pretty close the their chest, so I'd think it's unlikely they'd alllow an outside source to make things with their trademarks etc.
  5. they're charging over 10K for it :push:
  6. Why is it being advertised on here then? :/

    I've seen it at the bottom..
  7. Neh , i don't like them..
  8. Real LV can only be gotten through e-luxury or stores or through the ordering service on the website(certain EU countries only). This is from a totally different site AND I'm 100% sure LV would make a press release if they started a line of furniture. THis is definetly fake. Could you even imagine epi being very comfortable? Or monogram?
  9. Haha it would probably not be comfortable and I do agree Mono would be tacky but I think a couch with Epi trim could be cool/modern but w.e haha I figured it was fake, I'm just surprised that a company that seems so upstanding is using fakes!
  10. Hmmm, not liking it.
  11. If I had Oprah type money I would buy it for sure. I imagine a large room just for my LV's, large island in the middle of the room for all my accessories and one of these couches in the corner of the room. its tacky but I would buy it for sure. I mean if it were authentic material.
  12. i dont like it...
  13. Weird..
  14. I would say that they are fake, I just cant see louis vuitton selling fabric.
  15. if its not real, then why is there a banner ad underneath this thread?:confused1: