This is wayyyyyy cute!!

  1. I believe it's from Conte de Fees collection that came out in 2000 (or 2002, I can't remember exactly).
  2. I absolutely love that piece! I think it's the cutest piece from the collection
  3. I have one of the bags from this collection and I think the cherry is the best as well!
  4. I like it- I've never heard of that collection before now though!
  5. I loved these...I think these came out the same time as the frog and butterfly purse/coin purses. I think of them as coin purses since they didn't fit much else but they were SO cute. I have the ad with Natalia Vodianova holding the frog one as my desktop pic :smile:
  6. What Year Was Grafitti 2001? It Was Maybe The Season -The Year Before? I Love That Line!
  7. hehehe, that is cute!!!
  8. Its lovely, I have never seenit before, but Im only really starting my obsession with LV.
  9. i have that! =)
    its the conte de fees collection. i think it was released in 2002?

    i'm too afraid to use it as the vernis part of the purse tends to get dirty easily and i'm afraid there would be colour transfer on it
  10. sorry, that is fake
  11. Very cute!
  12. I like the black conte de fees pochette =)
  13. How can you tell?
  14. No, it's not.:hrmm: