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  1. Premiered last night. It's on NBC at 10. I thought it was a great pilot. It's being compared to Parenthood, which I really liked. I get a similar vibe from it.
    I think some of the characters/cast seem a lot stronger than the others though, so I don't know how it will play out.
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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Parenthood ranks in my top 5 favorite shows of all time so it's hard to compare it but I get similar vibes and hope it sticks around!
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  3. I adore Sterling K. Brown - and I also loved the Kate storyline. So refreshing for network television.
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  4. Question. So, we all saw how it panned out at the end. Does this mean that Milo Ventimiglia & Mandy Moore's characters won't be on the show going forward?, would seem odd to keep doing time warps.
  5. ^^ It seemed like from the preview for next week they are going to keep doing time warps. I think they are the top billed cast.
  6. Oh, thanks!!. I didn't see a preview on the network I was watching. I was wondering why they would tease us with them as cast members if they weren't recurring.
  7. Loved it! Cried during the remaining few minutes.
  8. Loved it as well, fantastic show
  9. Great show!
  10. Darn it, I missed it! I couldn't ever find the listing. I hope it gets added On Demand so I can catch up.
  11. They are definitely show regulars!
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  12. Already on there.
  13. Fantastic, I'll be watching it in about half an hour. Thank you!!!!
  14. I think it's airing again on Friday.
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  15. Ah I just watched it and loved it! It was sweet and funny and really just a show I could see being touching all around! Really excited to see how the season plays out!
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