This is truly something!!!

  1. I came across this picture!!! Unbelievable! Take a look.
  2. Trying again...
  3. These are beautiful! I wonder how much they cost?
  4. Wowow!!
  5. This is so dreamy.:heart:
  6. Those boots are so ah-mazing. I need to post a pic in my blog to drool over.
  7. Oh My! I'm not sure what to think, maybe it will grow on seems to have sprouted a few...erm..doubts itself!:lol:

    But the boots, I saw those on another thread and they are scrumptious!!!

    (ooops, just relooked at pic and realized it's SEVERAL items, not one! IT's ten to four in the morning here, guess that's the clue I should go to bed now, right? )
  8. Wow! Does anybody know how much those retail for?
  9. Hot shoes!
  10. I Have Been So In Love With Those Boots For A While!!!!!!! Absolutely Gorgeous *Dream Boots*
  11. AWESOME!!!! How cool!!
  12. Imagine those boots in raisin? :drool:
  13. The colour of the boots is just so... I don't know, but I'm not liking the colour at all!!

    The, that's a different story