This is totally gross but...

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  1. I'm 21 years old and have such bad cellulite on my butt!!! I don't know where it comes from. My mother doesn't have it, neither does my sister. But mine is just horrible!! It travels down to my lower legs too and I can tolerate that, but I can never wear a bathing suit unless it has boy shorts or something because the cellulite is just horrendous. I know I can't totally get rid of it, but what can I do to smooth it out? I have some massive ripples.
  2. will smooth it out.
    i have before and afters on my 'site click on the cellulite on the left nagivation
  3. You might want to give the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite gel and patches. You have to be diligent though. I believe they really help the appearance.
  4. Yeah I got blessed with this starting in my mid teens, yuck. And I am fair skinned like you too, LA85, so I know it's even harder to conceal.

    What's worked for me is good old fashioned exercise. I walk a few miles every day (or try to) outside or on the treadmill. Plus I also play hockey and skating is a great butt exerciser. Mine will never be 100% gone but honestly now at my age my butt is much more toned that it was in my 20s/30s.

  5. They work great!!! Also mezzo therapy. Again, anything you do you have to do constantly.
  6. I was doing really well with exercising and then got major shin splints in my right leg because of the treadmill and was told to lay off by my doctor. Then today I wake up and the bottom part of my shin all the way down to my ankle area is all swollen and painful. Now I really can't exercise and it's driving me nuts!!!!
  7. ^^ Oh I hate that. I went through the same thing when I started walking a lot again and had to give it a rest. Just follow your dr's advice on how to treat and how/when to get back to working out...all the best for speedy recovery!
  8. I hope you get better soon! I'm and have had cellulite in the exact same spots all my life. Ever since I started exercising, I've noticed a very dramatic change. Most of it (on my legs) is gone by now. I still have some more work to do on my bum, but it definitely helps!

    Drink lots of water too. There's a Garnier anti-celullite cream I've seen on telly and my friend swears by it. Maybe you'd like to give it a shot! I'd love to hear a second opinion.
  9. "Avoid salt. It's hard, but salt causes you to retain water which makes the cellulite look even worse." - from some website. :smile:
  10. I once heard a doctor say there isn't really anything you can do... so I stopped trying. good luck on your search, though! :flowers: