This is total BS!

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  1. Just had to vent:

    Last night a friend wanted to go out for dinner so I was like fine, but it wasn't a solid plan (he had other plans he needed to break). Anyhow, he had something to do before he could leave which meant I had to wait for another hour or something. My other friend was nice enough to wait with me, so I figured it would be cool if I invited her too. The night went okay and ended on a seemingly good note.

    Today however, the guy I was originally supposed to meet started calling my other friend names and talking MAJOR crap about her :suspiciou . He tried to say that she was rude and loud, but we were at a SPORTS BAR, everyone was loud, and there were people louder than us present. Then the names he started throwing out were just uncalled for.

    My question is, is the fact that I brought another friend to an impromptu dinner that big of a deal? I thought it would be bad form on my part to tell the friend that waited patiently with me about the outing and not invite her as well.

    Oh, and to make this bag related, this guy bought me a bag lol.
  2. lol at he brought u a bag , anyway is he just a friend ??? if so u casued no harm by inviting her. He was porbably salty she was there and he wanted to make a move and she ruined it for him.
  3. hhaa probably. Yes he was just a friend, granted he was interested in a relationship. I just think what he did was totally uncalled for.
  4. It sounds like he still likes you and wanted it to be just the two of you for dinner w/ no third party involved. Yeah like Heavensent said, he was probably just sour about it. He should have just said something to you before going out to dinner with you two gals, rather than taking it out the next day by talking ish about her. Not cool.
  5. Yup he just wanted alone time! But he should have re-thought taking you to a sports bar for alone time?! I think if he made you wait that long you were justified to take whomever you wanted.
  6. ^^^Thats my stance on it too! I would have just gone home and not went out with him at all if I had to wait an hour alone.

    New developments though:

    Last night he sent me a text message asking for the bag back hahhahaha. Like hes ever seeing that again, if he pushes it further I'm totally dropping it off at the salvation army or something. I don't think *******s deserve anything! What nerve!
  7. What a child he is! Just keep ignoring him. If he keeps text messaging you, block him! :evil:
  8. I tried to call Sprint and have him blocked today but I got someone who didnt know how to speak english so I was like w/e forget it lol. If he keeps it up I can just call the police and say someone is harassing me lol.
  9. I hate when that happens. I usually call back until I get someone who "gets" what I'm talking about! That's "the usual" routine for me when I have to speak with my health care provider cutomer service. :eek:
  10. hhahaha yeah, I hate outsourcing!!!! I just want to speak to someone who speaks english, is that so hard to understand? I mean they ask me to press 1 if I want an english speaking person lol.
  11. if i can ask..what kinda bag did he get you? just courious
  12. OP is banned.
    This is a 3.5 year old thread. :wtf:
  13. I was thinking the same thing. How did this one get pulled up!!
  14. Someone was extremely "courious."