This is toooo funny!!! LOLOL!

  1. I am sitting in the lounge of my college, on tPF and I was in the Heritage thread or something....and all of a sudden I overheard this girl say, "......on a PURSE??? I would NEVER spend that on a PURSE!!!" And she was going on and on about how she would never spend a lot on accesories caz she would only break them or spill something on them....blah...blah....but I think it is HILARIOUS because here I am, on tPF oggling....toooo FUNNY!!!! I love the irony! Just thought I'd share! :roflmfao:
  2. lol thats funny.... I could never go back to a cheaper purse now that I am spoiled with coach!
  3. She just says that b/c she must have not had the privilege of having a Coach herself. Coach is worth EVERY penny!
  4. I know, my Heritage tote is sitting here right beside me...I wonder if I triggered the convo...I just thought it was so funny! I was like...whoops...*sinks in chair*
  5. Oh totally! They hold up well, Coach stands behind their this case, you get what you pay for.
  6. LOL, too funny!!! If I were you I would make like you are on eBay and found a bag you have been dying for and scream out "OMG that bag is TDF and only $350!!! I gotta get it!!" LMAO!!!
  7. Completely ironic! :yes:
  8. Haha, just like the quote says! "And the she said, 'That's alot to spend on a purse, isn't it?' And I knew we couldn't be friends..."

    Haha very ironic! Oh well, we know it's all worth it :graucho:
  9. HAHAHA!!! That is too funny!!!
  10. Haha, that's pretty funny though.

    I would hope they weren't talking about you and your Heritage Tote. But if they were, they are probably jealous.

    I agree with a comment made above. I could NEVER wear a less quality purse either now that I am spoiled by Coach.
  11. oh my gosh, too funny! i totally agree that you get what you pay for :tup:
  12. haha too funny...i mean what else would girls splurge on besides shoes and sometimes make-up? clothes? you can't wear the same outfit everyday..but you can always wear your bag everyday.
  13. lol that is really funny. my boyfriend says the same thing about me and my LOVE for coach purses. he just doesnt see why we love them sooo much. he thinks im crazy for wanting to buy a wallet to match my purse. but coach is great quality! =)
  14. And Coach seems affordable to me after hanging around tPF!
  15. Hey LA... what college do you go to? Bradford, JCC, OBI?