This is the single most cutest thing ever!!

  1. silver/black
    it is so classic i love it too
  2. I like either all black or the khaki tobacco, depending on what you use more/wear more. I saw this wristlet irl today and I liked it alot.
  3. The leather ones are the same price and super cute too. They are pebbled leather, but they are so gorgeous!
  4. Yeah, I like the leather ones too but I don't have any signature yet so I thought this would be a good place to start :biggrin:
  5. i like the all black sig or the leather .. very cute!
  6. It's so cute!! I like the all black sig the best.
  7. Black sig!!!
  8. I have this in mineral and LOVE it!!! As far as sig, I like the black! Get it, you'll absolutely love it!
  9. I like it also great price. might have to stop by Coach this weekend.
  10. lol i have the leather one in mineral. it is adorable!
  11. How interesting that you posted about this bag, because I saw it online and instantly loved it too! I like the closing on top. My favorite color is the silver/black (looks almost all black).
  12. I love mine that I got with bday money (tobacco sig) and one I got from my best friend (mineral leather).
  13. I can't wait to see this IRL! I love the turnlock as well. ^
  14. oh I love it too vacation is coming up and I must save save save!