This is the second one I've seen in a week...

  1. eBay: BALENCIAGA AUTHENTIC SM BR SUEDE MOTORCYCLE RARE BAG (item 220015655554 end time Aug-16-06 10:49:31 PDT)

    We might need the Bbag experts on this one. Silver hardware, so '03?

    One just like this was posted last week, for $299. (I asked the seller for a BIN, she didn't respond to me until 12 hours later, but she posted it in the meanwhile, and someone else bought it! But that's another story...) It sold for $439!!
    I don't think this is the same one, because the id of the buyer and now this seller are different. But strange to see two such bags, so close together, huh?
  2. the shape is like a classique a lot. interesting! I'd like it in black more I think. did they come out the same season as the suede classiques I wonder...?
  3. ^ I agree, I think black would be hot.
  4. WTF? Okay, I'm totally confused. So it was listed yesterday and then pulled. Then re-listed today. Hmm. Anybody know what style this is?
  5. It is a spinoff of the motorcycle line, not sure when exactly it was made - but my best guess is around the same time as the suede (actual) motorcycle bags --- so I will guess late '02/early '03.

  6. Thanks mimz!
  7. I have that bag in black. Love it! I might go for it!
  8. ^ oh pointie, don't you have it in the lovely pebbled black leather?! Or have I gone crazy? Maybe it is the black suede? :smile: Regardless, I remember you having it though and posting photos - I love it - it's fabulous. :smile:
  9. This bag, in pebbled Black leather: PERFECT.
  10. Yep, the pebbled leather -- thanks for your great memory!;) I love it so much, and I don't have any suede bags at all!