This is the result of my boredom last night..

  1. I was alone last night since DH already started working and his work is from 10PM - 5:30 AM and nobody's at home with me.. I was bored and started browsing my magazines again and look what I found!
    DSC04800.JPG DSC04802.JPG DSC04803.JPG DSC04806.JPG
  2. And more!!
    DSC04815.JPG DSC04817.JPG DSC04818.JPG
  3. Gorgeous and fabulous ads! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Sorry if it's a bit blurry.. I'm too lazy to get out of bed to have a clearer shot.. :biggrin:
  5. thanks iqa hunny...i love the saddle and nude dress pic the most ! :heart::drool:
  6. i like the floral print ones! =) thanks for sharing!