this is the longest day!

  1. ok so i wasn't going to post but i am just bursting at the seams and want out of this chair. i got a little something delivered last night (which i already have with me today) and a bigger something waiting for me at home. it came pretty much as soon as i left for work! wah!!! and i'm not even going home after work because i'm having dinner with all the tpfers! i mean, i love you guys but I. WANT. MY. PACKAGE! lol. i was hoping to get it before the meet up but no such luck! darn darn darn!

    ok, someone distract me. send me a funny roak question. something.
  2. Oh, trust me. I'll find a way to distract you tonight. Didn't you know we're going pole dancing after dinner?
  3. lol. wooohooo! can't wait to see you on that pole! swing out sister!
  4. Tell us what you have waiting hlfinn.
  5. I think you should suddenly develop a disease and go home early for work.

    tell your boss you think you are preggers and run out crying.
  6. um he would know i was lying. it's a physical impossibility. sorry to say.
  7. ^^^HAHAHA!! OR...tell ur boss u have cramps aka women's problems!!! That always sends them in a frenzy and will send u home!!!
  8. okay. hmm. something else. talk about tampons or something. men can't handle that.

    you gotta think of something to get home early!!!
  9. oh he doesn't care. no way he would let me leave early. i don't even get a lunch. nope, not going to get home til late. WAH!!!
  10. ^^that boss of urs is a slave driver!!!!!
  11. You little minx! You´ve been buying left and right and now you´re not going to leave work early and show us!
  12. not left and right. two things. that 2 very wonderful patient sellers (1 personal and 1 business) were incredibly generous and kind enough to give me time to pay for. i shouldn't have bought either but i couldn't help it! i swear! too good to pass up!
  13. How exciting! Can't wait to see what you got :graucho: Hurry up, 5 p.m.!
  14. *dances on the spot* Hurreeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    I have the patience of a goat! lol
  15. i don't get off work til 6 or later and dinner's at 6. so it won't be til 10 pm or later.