this is the first time it's happened to me UGHHH!!

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  1. Even though I read about it a lot on TPF, this is the first time I've bought a fake! And it's a fake pair of Marc Jacobs mouse flats...I'm sooooooo sad because I let a REAL pair go because i got these, and now they're all super expensive on eBay right now. Sad. And shipping them back is probably going to be an expensive pain and will probably cost me like $10. On top of everything that's happened in the past few days, I really want to cry :crybaby:

    How should i go about this? email the seller, and then open a case on paypal if necessary? Do i have to get authentication for these (who can authenticate mouse flats?? :wondering) Or can I say that the shoes aren't real patent leather like the listing says, because they're FAKE FAKE PLASTIC that smells like cheap glue!! And if I ship them back, what do I need to ship them with? Sig confirmation?

  2. I sent her a message:


    I just received the shoes, and may have a problem with them. These aren't authentic Marc Jacobs mouse flats, since the patent leather isn't real leather and the lining isn't leather either. In MJ flats, patent and lining are both leather. On these, they are plastic. I'm sure it was an honest mistake if you've purchased them from another eBayer or from a consignment shop..however, I really thought I had purchased authentic mouse flats and would like to return them for a refund + shipping costs. Sorry about this. Thank you!
  3. Seller asks me to open an ebay what should I do? I haven't done this before...should I claim they're fake first or that they're fake leather? Which would be easier?
  4. Just file SNAD, return them to the seller for a refund, and move on to an authentic pair. :flowers:
  5. How do I prove they're fake, though? Do I need a letter from someone? Seller says she has a receipt that she'll get from the MJ, but her shoes are totally fake..there's a mouse "tail" on both sides of the shoe when on all pics of the authentic one it's only on one side.
  6. Is the seller being combative or giving you any reason to believe that she will fight you on the issue of authenticity?

    You make a very valid point. The burden of disproving authenticity is on the buyer, and I'm not sure who specializes in the authentication of MJ shoes. :sad:

    Did the listing state that the shoes are made of genuine leather? If so, that is your SNAD right there. If you're sure that the shoes are fake, I would file SNAD for whatever reason I could. I'm sorry that you're dealing with this.
  7. Can you post a link to the listing? BEcause if they are supposed to be leather and aren't I would go after that and focus on a SNAD. Then you don't have to bother with getting them authenticated (saves you money and the hassle of finding someone to authenticate them). Also I think you will have a pretty easy time winning a SNAD claim if the listing says leather and they are plastic.
  8. Paying for shipping is part and parcel (no pun intended) of online shopping. Sadly that includes returning items --- even fake ones.

    Having to deal with fakes is the unfortunate downside of shopping for bargains on places like Ebay. No matter how careful you are if you shop these sites often enough for long enough chances are you will receive a fake widget at some point.

    Returning the item shouldn't be all THAT difficult. Just put the shoes in a box, seal it up address it and take it to the Post Office. Ask the clerk to insure it for the price you paid (if it was under $250-----and something tells me it was ) you only have to ask the clerk to include Delivery Confirmation. $10 isn't a bad price for all that. Especially if it gets you the price of the item back.
  9. If you file SNAD you don't need a letter endorsing they are fake.
  10. Sorry this happened OP! Good luck with this, I am sure everything will work out fine!