This is the first fake datecode i have seen a pic of:

  1. Eeewww
  2. haha thats pretty bad!
  3. Look how the stitching curves too - YUCK
  4. oh they need to work on the date code for sure, lol
  5. Ekk.
  6. I saw this auction this morning..I heard eBay is getting so tough on much for that
  7. YELCH! I have seen a couple of other bags w fake date codes most of them on a piece of pale tan leather attached to the inside of the bag =(

    eBay is SUPPOSE to be cracking down on fakes but i still see alot and it's frustrating when you report something and it doesn't get taken down!
  8. i reported it, lets see what happens.
  9. bubbleicious!- i love your avatar!
  10. yeah i have seen fakes that have datecodes and reciepts lol. as far as eBay cracking down i tried listing one of my authentic pieces before and it kept getting cancelled. the ppl at ebay just have no idea. lol. one of you guys needs to go work for them lol.
  11. LOL. 16/1970 eh LOL
  12. Blech...that is bad.
  13. Yeah I've seen a couple of bad ones....the really bad fakes are actually using the model number as the date code, which is what could be going on in that picture.
  14. LOL just looks like someone burned their phone number into the bag.