This is the BIGGEST Noe I've ever seen

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  1. :wtf:

    To be honest, that size is really disturbing...
    Is it even real??
  2. that's weird. yea, is that real?
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    It may be a Large Randonee (sp?) discontinued. I have one, it is the first LV I ever bought, in 1989

    (though the pics look a little distorted)

    If it is authentic, that is. I am not an authenticator.

    It is a great sling-type bag (not backpack), I love it, will never sell it. Good for travel...

    Send it on over to Authenticate to see if it is real.

    Looking again at the pics, it looks kinda weird; may not be a Randonee - experts can weigh weigh in on Auth thread.
  4. I think it is real :tdown:
  5. Well, the font on the heatstamp is it real?
  6. -Yeah definitely 'off', plus the Randonnee has a long strap. I just notied the short strap (at least I think so)
  7. I think that it is real. It looks to me that this was one of the original Noés that were used to carry champagne which explains the large size. The Noés' purpose when it first came out was in the early 20th Century was to carry champagne. It can carry a total of 5 bottles, one standing upright in the center and 4 uspide-down around the perimeter. It's only recently that LV adjusted the measurements to be suitable for a city bag. They had one on display behind a glass case inside the LV flagship on the Champs Elysees.
  8. I'm just wondering why she is standing with her leg up like that. :weird::biggrin:
  9. So were the fonts different back then for the stamping? Any experts here on that? Just curious
  10. I think so. I have seen some vintage luggage with the same stamp
  11. Yes, LV has used different fonts for the heatstamped logo. If you look at the cover of the Birth of Modern Luxury book, the font on the pictured heatstamped luggage handle is different from the one used today.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.