This is the Big Bang of 2009? Why do I feel like we got *****ed instead?

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Just checked in here to see if anything major happened as promised. I don't want to post on the BB 2009 thread anymore because so far, for most of us I don't think it was what we anticipated. For the rest who already experience the bliss of Big Bangs..are you also asking.."we shaved our legs for this?" :nuts:

    Sorry, mods, I'm trying not to be vulgar but HH coined the term BB and I couldn't resist this. As a newbie to HH's summer sales, I can't help but feeling after all I heard about past seasons' Big Bangs, that somehow, I am lying here less than satisfied. Is this what marriage is all about?

    This is what we BB noviates were all waiting for?

    OK, the sale doesn't officially end for a few more days..but this is the big Sunday happening that we were promised?

    At least I decided not to wait around and went on my merry way today, but I still feel like a spinster. Left at the altar might be more appropriate to explain how I feel, rather than a newlywed.

    Please..HH...will my tombstone read:

    Here lies an HH BB v**gin, she died an HH BB v**gin, and was laid in the grave?
  2. Yep, this pretty much sucks. Can I see a few more of those 2 digit percentages with a 7 or higher in front of it, please?
    I'm not sure what's going on. Are they trying to make a point? And if so, what about?
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    At least this cheered me up. Because this "sale" (can we even call it that???) B.I.T.E.S.!!!!!!!!
  4. :rolleyes:Yeah..welcome to my world. I kept checking the other thread and finally had enough. I got more of a BB from...oh..never mind.:nono::censor:
  5. Big Bang Blows Hard.
  6. Twas a fun run givin' em he// my dear Gingey, but I am sure it is as good as it is gonna get. The one thing you may have to look forward to is that I am getting on a plane tomorrow and will be flying a total of 20 hours in a 38 hr period, that does not include the hours of layovers and time to check in and all that. Thus with my luck, if anything good is going to happen, it will be during that time. I get to Copenhagen about the exact time the sale is supposed to end! If I do miss anything great, I will definitely consider myself f*******ed :P
  7. ITA -- this sale sucks! The 50% off one they had a couple of weeks ago was way better than this - at least everything was half off on the sale and the selection was much better! They have fall merch coming in this month - no idea why they aren't just blowing this stuff out -- most other retailers are and frankly, HH is losing out because we're all spending our money elsewhere and by the time they do decide to seriously clearance merchandise, we'll all be broke from the other sales or totally over this season and thinking only about Fall! Personally, I was hoping they'd dredge up some old stock like they usually do on these sales like some old Wizard Snake pieces -- I totally regret not getting that Ramone for sure!
  8. I feel obliged to add that if this is the only way they can weather the financial crisis, then I do understand. I would rather pay a bit extra and have them remain in business so that when things turn around, they can reward our loyalty with true sales once again. :biggrin: I would hate to see them collapse during this time when a lot of smaller businesses are folding.
  9. I total agree w/ you travelmom. However Toni did say that we may want to tune in today for something extra special.
    So where is this special something that she mentioned? Please do not say the it was the 20% off candles from the design shop. From the elegant words of Molly Ringwald, "I think I'll spit twice and die", if this is what was meant.
  10. Ah TM..(hug) I enjoyed our rap battle. Can't you just knock yourself out for this ordeal? OMG it reminds me of something a weatherman said that got him yanked off the air so I better cease and desist. COPENHAGEN? WTH? I'm so confused right now, but I get travelmom, chica. I don't think you will miss anything, fiend. Look forward to what the airplane is already winging your way..and buy some silver jewelry. I love G. Jensen and other far as BB..IMHO..Big Bust..and

    ITA Suzzee..We are getting our HH fixes elsewhere and spending what we had put aside to drop during the much anticipated, long awaited Big Bang. I am disappoined more with the lack of merchandise than I am with the prices to be honest.

    I regret not buying the carryalls last winter and some other smalls, and ITA on that Ramone, the only one I let get away because I was feeling a bit ill because of what I had spent. Talk about pennywise and pound foolish. Sigh.
  11. It's the Big Bamboozle of 2009. Guess Toni's bike got a flat tire.

    P.S. But the raps were *****in'!!
  12. To quote Billy Crystal as Miracle Max in the Princess Bride...Hayden Harnett:

    While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut, and pour lemon juice on it?
  13. Oh syb..only you!:P
  14. Oscar Wilde: "Niagra Falls is a bride's second disappointment"..

    Oh HH..I feel this way right about now!
  15. Who knows - - maybe they had huge technical issues this weekend - the site was down earlier today and they keep posting the Twitter sale but the prices except for a couple are all back to full price -- with the holiday weekend and everyone in the Hamptons maybe they couldn't get things straightened out and they're going to surprise us with something fabulous tomorrow?? Could happen, right!