This is the bag I want if it was NEW.


Dec 27, 2005
;) I had this bag when it first came out, the Soho had the regular LV leather on it and with a new bag it was that white looking leather. So beautiful.
Ebay auction # 190067343420 (sorry I don't know how you do it to link right up to the auction).
Well I kept the bag for a week and returned it:crybaby: ....I am always trying to make up my mind what I want and then sometimes I change my mind and regret it down the road. So I called LV and talked about the Damier Soho and it comes in the dark brown leather trim in the stores and I was telling them I had it in light leather once and they probably thought I was crazy. So I was checking out Ebay just to see if one existed. It does.... I knew they made it. I wish they still made it because I really like the regular leather versus the brown. I do not do Ebay and would never buy a bag off Ebay with all the scams and because I really am not in to other people using a bag before me. I like new bags. I am still thinking of getting the regular brown damier soho bag, but then again there is the Damier Azur speedy and the Sophie that I love too so it will be a hard choice to see what I first get for 2007. I only bought the small green denim LV pleaty bag in 2006 and said I will wait to see something I really love and then the Damier Azur and Sophie are coming out in 2007, way too many new bags are catching my eye.
I just wanted to share this auction because it really shows you what the Soho looks like and how the leather is really beautiful against the bag.


Aug 9, 2006
I :heart: this backpack too. Mypoupette seller had one for approx $250 buy it now but it was in bad condition...I still wouldnt have minded it.

Will LV not SO a damier bag with light vachetta. Like a damier keepall with light vachetta ?


Dec 23, 2005
when damier was first (re)introduced at lv in 1996, for vuitton's 100th anniversary, the bags had vachetta trim. that is the way damier originally was in the 1800s. the dark leather trim is some new crazy invention. personally, i LOVE it with vachetta and i'm really looking into getting some s.o.'s done, if possible.....


Oct 2, 2006
These Centenaire backpacks actually come up fairly frequently on eBay. I've seen very nice ones go for $400.00. They don't seem to be very popular...IMO the contrast of the vachetta and the damier is not as rich-looking as the chocolate leather of the current model.


Dec 23, 2005
^ i guess, but it's got more historical merit behind it and that makes it really really special to me...... plus i just love how vach looks when it gets dirty; it gets brown, but with a lot more character to it than the chocolate leather.....


Sep 28, 2006

Look at that cruiser in damier with vach :drool::drool:that is soo hot