This is the bag I bought on Ebay to match my wristlet and it is damaged..EEEEEK

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    I won this lovely holiday bag on eBay 10 days ago. The girl was a first time seller, Very, very nice. Although I had few correspondences with her, she did say she had only used it once , going to church and it seemed to good a bag to take to nursinng school and the labs, so it got put away in a bag. Thus it stayed in the bag in her closet. And, she thought someone should wear it and love it. To make a long story shorter, I have the wrislet, perfectl and new , also won on eBay from another seller so I did very much want the bag.The lovely Court helped me find it and although this girl did not answer all of my emails for her child was sick, a baby, I definitely asked about the suede condition. It is not terribly awful but she never disclosed that there were pen marks inside on the nice pink lining, and the rust sides and pink and rust suede on the bottom is pilled as in used. I think I see a stain also. I have not contacted the seller as yet. I just got it so I am freaking, freaking out. I simply do not know what to do. I was the only bidder, She was a nice first time seller and I would not have paid $200.00 for it, maybe not even $100.00. I am so EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK upset...and she is so nice too...seemingly...She even said let me know how you like the bag as soon as you get it. What to do, what to do. Definitely USED...and not so gently...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK :cursing:
  2. I would def. contact seller and persue a refund. If she is uncooperative, you can file a pp complaint, assuming you paid with pp. good luck, i hope it gets worked out.
  3. I did pay with Paypal and even paid extra for insurance. I just have to be tactful. She had seemed so very nice to me. Darn it..EEEEEEK
  4. Not to sound paranoid or anything, but maybe she was sweet as sugar to make it harder for you to return... i mean, there is realistically NO way she could have thought that bag was represented in the auction correctly... know what i mean?

    I would just email her and say "i received the bag today and was disappointed to find there were some marks and damage not represented in the auction. I know you are a new seller, but I would not have purchased this bag at this price had the full condition been disclosed in the description. Please respond and let me know how you would like to work this out"

    It leaves some room for her to offer what her idea of resolution is and then you can go back and forth from there. I don't know if you are open to a partial refund or if you just want a return completely...

    just my two cents. hopefully you can get it straightened out soon!
  5. i agree with kristy, her advice is really great.
  6. def. agree with Kristy

    let her know you are unhappy and hopefully this can be resolved!!
  7. I sent her a similar letter to yours and although I will miss the bag, I was very nice and pointed out as a first time seller she must divulge the exact condition of the bag and I wanted to be fair and tell her how disappointed I was. But I feel at that price, I need a full refund. That is it for me on eBay. I did ask her to send the money back to my Paypal account as soon as she received the bag with making sure I was sending it back with a returned signed receipt. I was nice and firm. So hard to do. It could have been such a lovely bag. I told her I did not want to dispute it on ebay for it would give her a negative mark and being new, gave her the benefit of the doubt as best I could, but it hurts me that someone would blatantly lie about Church wearing it once..i cannot help could she not notice that? Stains and pen marks... Saddens me...a lot..
  8. I certainly did that as tactfully as I could, now if she gave the bag to me that would be different..but $200.00 sad to lie that way, but look at the awful things in the world so much worse...I think she will be willing to do it..i think so, hope so....
  9. It is great advice, yet we all hate to get taken and believe someone who seems genuine when we buy something. Sad..Thanks all of you for your support. I did love this bag...sigh...
  10. I will keep my eyes out for a bag like this for you. I know how hard it is when you find "that" bag and then have to let it go.

    You did the right thing though, and I am sure the refund process will go smoothly. If not, you always have the help from paypal.
  11. Say something if you are not happy.
  12. I had something similar happen to me a few months back. I bought a Holiday Patchwork which was represented as being in EXCELLENT, IMMACULATE condition. She even went so far as to say it looked as if it had never been used. She was also super sweet.

    Well I got it and there were obvious scratches on the leather. I sent it back. I hated to, but it was obviously mis-represented.

    You did the right thing.
  13. I do feel sad for two reasons, one that I trusted her and she seemed so sincere and the second one is that I loved the bag but was not going to accept the stains and the pen marks, O the first look it looks gorgeous, but on closer look, oh my defects. I had poor DH examine it closely last night and he agreed, definitely worn and not taken care of. She even shipped it in a mail box with no wrapping and stuffing, just jammed it in that thin box. I never shipped that way. I did write her, sadly, a long nice note and she did write back a two liner that she was sorry I was dissapointed, and to send it back. I expect the shipping I paid for and the insurance back to me for it has to be signed for, but I am going to let the shipping and signed for sending back charges go in good faith to her for listing it. Done deal. Hate to part with it..dissappointed as could be..sad..even..I liked the patchwork too and would love the duffle or tote, but now I am afraid to buy on ebay. I have sold so many perfect Coach bags or Tylies and I was so honest...never used....SIGH...:sad:
  14. I definitely spoke my mind in a nice way and was firm. Thanks!! I am sending it back.
  15. She is going to take it back, but I feel a sadness losing the bag and for the way she lied about it. It is hanging on my door and it is so darn pretty, but I would not keep it. Thanks for keeping a look out for me...I appreciate it, for it was that bag I really wanted..Thanks!!!!