This Is Tami, Dave Navarro's New Thing...Are Ya Bummed ?

  1. Dave Navarro’s lastest bit of squeeze is suprise suprise, a big boobied blonde lad mag model! Why are rockers taste so predictable? According to the New York Post the girl ‘lucky’ enough to replace Carmen Electra is Tami Donaldson. Was it Navarro’s great collection of nail varnish that attracted her? The New York Posts spy said “They were partying hard at Marquee the other night.

  2. tres predictable!:yes:
  3. I have always thought he was so nasty.
  4. Wha? What happened to Carmen? Til Death do Us Part... and all? I guess I'm not keeping up w/ my trash mags... when did they break up?
  5. He's so gross. The new girl is gross, and the fact that he's wearing RED nailpolish is gross. Eveyone knows only black nailpolish on men is acceptable. :smile:
  6. Is his eye makeup acceptable?? Um, no. Agreed, he's so nasty.
  7. :roflmfao:

    I agree. She looks... eeww.
  8. I never liked him. His new gf is not that cute.
  9. carmen elektra is lot more prettier than this girl :blink:
  10. I never really liked no big surprise.
  11. ITA! :yes:
  12. Totally agree

  13. What is on her thigh on the last picture...It looks like a scar in the shape of lips...LOL

    P.S. My 2 yr old kept me up last night, so it is possible my eyes are playing tricks on me;)
    I agree that CE is way prettier!
  14. Bummed? No way! Looks like a match.
  15. Carmen Electra was a lot prettier.

    But I guess I'm the only one that thinks Dave is hot.