This is such a pretty bag

  1. I have the Braedon in Black and so does Lindy. The terraine is beautiful. It's the same leather as my Carla and Maria.


  2. Its a beautiful bag. My mom also has it in black and she just loves it. If you are thinking of buying one I would definitly get it.
  3. Yes, I have a Braedon in black and enjoy it. It is a very flat shoulder bag that hangs nicely on your shoulder.

    Off Saks has them for less money then eBay, in the neighborhood of $230 when their special 25% off sale is happening, which is about once a month. Otherwise it is around $299. Off Saks will ship a bag for around $15.00, that is where Lexie got hers.
  4. I only WISH I had an off Saks available. I don't and honestly, we're going to be hit pretty hard with medical bills lately. I shouldn't even be LOOKING at any bags. :crybaby:

    I do love this color though, and I love the sand that Lexie's Jillian is in too.
  5. That was a great deal because the ones on ebay were going for 299.00. I got one seller to go as low as 260 but then Lindy gave me the number of her Saks and even had them hold a bag for me and I called with my credit card number. I got it in like 2 days. It was 239 and 13.00 shipping.

    I think we need Lindy to give us a monthy sale update (hint hint).
  6. not so bad.
  7. I agree, very nice!
  8. That's a hot looking bag.. i like it.
  9. I think the terraine Braedon is such a wicked colour and look. So ultra casual and would look great with jeans!