this is such a longshot

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  1. i was just thinking and remembering a pair of shoes i saw this summer. they were on sale at Saks and i am kicking myself now that i didn't get them. i don't remember the brand but maybe someone here remembers them?

    they were super soft leather sandals that had three colors on the top that crossed or swirled- like an olive green and brown and maybe an offwhite. could be getting that wrong. there was something really special about the heel too- like it had gold or clear bits or something. i think they were something like dior or fendi or BV or some very high end designer.

    shoot and wow, that's not a very good description right?

    well, on the off chance someone here remembers them i thought i would put it out there. i do know they had the softest leather i have ever felt.

  2. are these it?
  3. Oooh, wonder if those could be them. They're pretty!
  4. no.... but thank you. those are very pretty. these were high heel with i think an ankle strap or something. man i wish i wrote it down. but thank you!!!
  5. Ooh those are pretty!