This Is SOO Frekin Cute!! A Must See...

  1. Oh my gosh! That was SO cute!!!
  2. very cute
  3. omg how cute!
  4. omg how cute!!!!
  5. Thanks for posting, so cute!x
  6. oooo CUTIE BABY!! love it
  7. OMG thanx for posting!!!!! That was so cute...made my day!!!
  8. When I first saw that video I was crying because of how hard I was laughing, for some reason it never gets old!!

    Thanks for posting!
  9. soo cute =]
  10. OMG too too cute! Kids are so funny. They find the most bizarre things hysterical. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I followed the ling to the Evil Baby Laugh. That baby is scary and cute at the same time!!! LOL
  11. Cute!
  12. ohemegee, I LOVE that he falls over, and it doesn't even phase him, soooo cute!
  13. i saw this about a month ago...its under my favorites on youtube!!
    he's so cute..he's alot older now though.
  14. OMG that's soo freaking cute! He has so much hair too! LOL