this is so stupid

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  1. My friend has a two louis vuitton and is giveing them to me becouse they handles are a littel dark and thinks people will laugh at her becouse her louis vuittons dark, She has had them for about 2 months and used them evey second day. I think she is so stupid to do that !
  2. She may be stupid for doing that, but it looks like you are benefitting from it! Enjoy them!
  3. Wow!!! I want a friend like that!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: (kidding) Does she know that LV is supposed to do that? Or that she could replace the handles?
  4. i also hate it when the handles turn dark. not that i would give a bag away because of that, but still.
  5. She does but does not want to replace the handles. But is is the Speedy 25 And Touville i really like them but it is not like they are very dark they are just a tad under the handle
  6. Wow, I need a friend like that as well :biggrin:

    I love it when the handles turn to a honey color, I don't like the super dark/blackish look though.
  7. I like your friend! LOL! Has she thought about selling it? If you don't want to keep both, maybe you can sell it? Would she be objected to it? I wouldn't give them away for just that reason!
  8. If she's a rich one and can afford to give her bags away after some use, then by all means take it! :lol:

  9. that is how louis vuittons age. the white leather handles turn to a REALLY dark brown, and only true LV lovers (like me & then some )can tell if the purse is old or not JUST by the white to brown leather. heck i wish my friends would give me their LVs lol. and IF ur going to use it EVERYDAY its bound to turn brown MUCH MUCH faster. ps.. most ppl no matter how old it is, if u have it...says RICH to some ppl.
  10. Lucky you.:amuse: You should post some pictures when you get them. I want to see how dark they are. I hate when they get too dark, too, but there's nothing you can do besides keep them clean. So the patina will never be black.
  11. IMO....If you really feel bad about it..maybe you should be honest with you friend about it before she gives you the bags...

    maybe she's just misinformed and doesnt know that the patina is supposed to turn a honey color and that she can even get them replaced...