This is so so weird!

  1. As you know about 3 weeks ago I bought the Gucci medium chain hobo. Anyway, I sprayed it with leather protector and it went a pinky bronzy colour which I managed to get rid of by wiping with baby wipes. I assumed it was the spray although I had a Christian Dior bag that did the same thing and I didnt spray that one.

    Anyway I was on eBay and saw this: the same bag, from Saks and the same colour mone went. has anyone else's done this?
  2. It might be the dye of the leather that loses its luster overtime. I'd try polishing or conditioning the leather instead of spraying protectant.

    I've an old Miu Miu bag in black leather, it's not pinkish but lost its luster over the years, I polished it and it looks brand new!
  3. But mine was brand new! And it only did it after I got it and went shiummery just like that. It is fine now weird though huh?
  4. thats tooo weird!! LOL!...I wonder why??
  5. you didn't accidentally sprayed anything else on it, did you? if it bothers you maybe you could exchange it at the boutique.
  6. Well it is fine now, black and lovely condition, I am just wondering why that other one had done exactly the same thing?!
  7. Oh no it has started to turn that funny colour again. If I return it I cant get another one as there are none in England and on the Gucci site if you live in England you can only have the monogram one which I dont want. Should I send it back to Gucci in Italy? What do you think they would do?
  8. how weird and kinda funny. it makes me wonder if they also did the same thing too. hey, it is a chance they did it too....
  9. ^^ in other words, i wouldn't doubt it
  10. Sorry what do you mean? You think all these bags might have done this? Thats what I thought too but there would have been threads on here about it if that was the case I think
  11. UPDATE: I rang up Gucci on Bond Street and spoke to the manager who said this is a common problem, apprantely it is due to the bag being natural and is an oxidisation and I can take it into their after care and they have a special product for it and that will fix it! Yippee!