This is so sad...

  1. I don't usually like to complain, but I feel like I must vent for the situation I'm in..I'm sure you guys will feel and understand my pain a lot more than other non-obsessive-with-bags people! :sneaky:

    I broke my ankle last month (1/6/07)-- a day before my school started. I've been on crutches for the past month, and will probably be on them till March. I've never had anything broken or even sprained in my life, so the pain was UNBEARABLE-- I was rushed to the ER because it was more than I could take..:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I've been hopping around with my crutches getting around campus and trying to have a life outside of numerous doctors visits. It's been SUCH a pain just getting to class and trying to finish all the homework and study for the exams, let alone having the energy to do anything else. But the saddest part about this injury for me is that -----


    I tried to swing the shoulder strap of my city on my arm and attempted to walk with my crutches..but my poor bag got smashed by the stupid armpit handle of the crutch...

    I miss carrying my bbags so much..and can't wait till I can start carrying them again....I even dreamed about carrying them at night...

    All I can do right now is bring out my bbags from the dustbags and carry them sitting in front of my mirror each night SO thinks im nuts but im sure you guys will understand how much this sucks!

    thanks for listening to this long rant :p...
  2. So sorry to hear about your ankle!

    Can you get the shoulder strap of your city over your head so its resting on your back or side, kinda like a messenger?

    I've done it when I have had heaps of shopping bags to carry - it was a snug fit, but I did it...

    It would be quite loose and more suitable for a very small chested/ framed person (not sure if thats you or not) as it fitted on me OK, but I wouldnt do it all the time...

    Get better soon

    :heart: :flowers:
  3. aaw.... so sorry to hear about that :sad:
    get well soon girl... the b bags will wait for you... they'll understand :p
  4. Oufff...vent away... i know how you feel... tho I did not sustain any injury but sometime I change bags (due to weather) & when I get home frm werk I'll pick up my city and parade in front of the mirror. Miss the way it feels in my hands :sad: .
    Rest well & take care ok.
  5. Get well soon azian!! Your BBags are looking forward to you being back to full health, just make sure you relax and take it easy!
  6. Gosh, hard luck on your ankle, azian! Make sure to rest it so that it heals properly and you'll be carrying your Bbags again in no time...
  7. Awww.. Soz about your ankle! I've had fractures before, so I'm totally with you on the pain. It's amazing how quickly painkillers become your friend! I became such a clockwatcher when it came to taking my meds back then :p

    I'm sure your bags understand that you can carry 'em for now. But I like fashion-cult's suggestion of carrying your bags messenger style if possible. That would totally cute!! :yes:

    Get better soon, sweetie!! :flowers:
  8. I hope you get well soon!:biggrin:
  9. AWWWW you guys are so sweet :smile:...thanks for all your well wishes! it feels so nice to know that you guys understand how i feel!! as for my bbag babies, im sure they understand why they cannot explore outside the house right now :yes:
  10. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your ankle...get well soon and then you will be with your B-bags again!!
  11. Awwww. I'm so sorry! Maybe you should get a flat messenger just for emergencies like these. :smile:

    I do hope your ankle heals fast and that you will be off your crutches soon.
  12. Ouchies! Feel better soon! Gosh do you have a cute backpack? Ah I'm sure in no time you will heal up and can hold your beauties again - heal quick!
  13. If your not strapped for cash, I think circoit's idea has a lot of merit. I know how a new bag sure can make me feel happier and a bit more energized. If you can't buy right now, I'd give fashion-cult's suggestion a try. I do hope you mend quickly, and can put all this misfortune behind you. :flowers:
  14. ^^ i'm sorry sweetie, feel better!!! :tender:
  15. So sorry to hear....get well soon ok....